At 5ways, you can save money by combining all of your accounting and business advisory services into one fixed-price package. Your accounting costs will be predictable from month-to-month, unlike traditional accounting firms that bill by the hour and pad their bottom line through inefficiency. You’ll never see a timesheet with a 5ways logo on it, because we’re like you: we don’t have time to waste.

We have wiped the slate clean of all preconceived ideas about how an accounting firm should run. Instead, we want to create solutions at the forefront of current thinking through the smart use of technology. Our time in the office is more than a job; it is also a hobby. We thrive on solving accounting challenges and providing grounded, practical advice.

We think it’s a shame that most accounting firms focus on timesheets. We’d rather focus on you and your unique business, to help you find new ways to achieve your goals. Our objective is to provide effective strategies, sound financial management and detail-oriented accounting to meet your needs now as well as in the future.

at 5ways, we have...


you need to


and get on with

// Overview

Welcome to 5ways.

We're a creative cloud accounting agency based in Melbourne.

5ways is the way accounting should be. We are all about the success of our clients through our club type culture that embodies ‘the modern accounting practice’.

Our firm is at the forefront of technology and we strive to be a part of our client’s success and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. ‘Fu*k Yes’ is the attitude we commit to, which is why people choose 5ways & stay with us.

Discover, Design, Deliver. Simple.

We discover, then translate your vision, requirements, and expectations into workable strategies building innovative solutions employing the latest technologies.

The way accounting should be.

The “5 Ways” offer an accounting and business consulting option that outperforms traditional accounting methods by providing us with a holistic understanding of your business.

Tell me more about the magical cloud.

Save on Costs. Real Time Information. Streamline Processes.

// About

Born out of the cloud...

We are an Accounting firm of people dedicated improving the business lives of us and our clients through technology. We live by the motto’s:

Anytime, anywhere - Proudly 100% Xero we can be where you need us most, in your books. Plain english - We don’t believe in jargon. We tell it straight

Technology - We use the latest technology to deliver real value to clients

Improve processes - We are always looking for a better way of doing things in our business and for all our clients

No timesheets, ever - You pay for the value we provide, not the time. Why pay us for looking out the window.

Fixed pricing - You know what you will pay, you know it upfront and you can pay over 12 months. Finally you say.

What are the 5ways?



How to grow your business.


How to create more profit.


How to manage your cashflow.


How to protect your assets.


How to plan for the future.

Meet the Team

  • Paul Meissner, FCA

    Founder/Managing Director

    • Xero Guru
    • Tax Geek
    • Family Man & Curler
  • Melanie Meissner

    Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 0850388)

    • Migration Guru
    • Office Organiser
    • Mother & Yoga Guru

Join the team!

We're always on the lookout for exceptional talent of all sorts. So if you feel you're a particularly strong fit for what we do or how we do it, show us what you've got.

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// Xero Experts

We live and breathe Xero

Xero isn’t just an accounting package our firm uses. It’s the ONLY Accounting system we use.

Proudly 100% Xero since day 1, Xero is ingrained in our DNA. We know every detail of it, every new feature and our clients love that we can show them how it can revolutionise their business.

Other firms support it but 5ways can show you how to REALLY use it.

5ways are Xero award winners (2019 Xero Cloud Champion and 2014 100% Cloud Award), have represented the industry on many Xero Advisory Councils and we even write training content for Xero - so we know our stuff.

Has your Accountant shown you what Xero can really do?

// Services

Accounting should be simple and clever.

Accounting is not rocket science, and it should never feel like it! That’s the thinking behind everything we do.

Everything we do is simple and it works. That’s why clients choose 5ways and stay with us. Simple doesn't mean dumb - its quite the opposite. With so little time as a business owner, your attention should be on your clients, not your books. You need an accounting agency that’s got your back. After all, your financials tell us a story - and we will initiate conversation and tell you how it is. Not in arithmetic. Not in sign language. In plain English.

Your problem

Ever felt like this before?

“I spend all day at work and all night working on the books”
“My accountant charges by the hour and I never know what my bill will be”
“I want advice, but it comes a year late”
“I don’t know what I’m paying for”
“Accounting seems so complex”
“My accountant is just a form filler for the tax office”
“I see my accountant once a year”
“I would like much more interaction with my accountant”

Our solution

Keeping it simple. We offer fixed fees & a pay by the month subscription that includes all compliance, unlimited advice & support.

// Pricing

We have the right package for you.


Ideal for newbies in business. Think of it as our low cost, "I’ve got my sh*t sorted" option where you simply want your compliance issues taken care of, DTE management reports and a proactive accountant on standby.

From $299p/m


You have moved your business from the garage or your kitchen table and are shifting it up a gear. You need peace of mind that the basics are sorted while you focus on building your business. You need a proactive accountant who can help you understand your financial performance, without the bullsh*t.

From $399p/m


You have a few years under your belt - now its time to take it up a level. You have BIG ideas and want to get on with it. You need the basics dealt with and regular financial advice. You want your accountant to be more like a business partner, to provide advice, be a sounding board for ideas and to tell it how it is.

From $499p/m

Kicking Arse

The package for business owners who are kicking goals and taking names. You understand the advantages of solid advice on a regular basis as well as customised comprehensive performance reports. Together, lets take your business to the stratosphere.

From $999p/m

Don't Fit?

We can tailor a package to meet your needs. Contact Us
// Labs

Welcome to our playground.

As cloud accountants on the frontier of rapidly changing technology and clever solutions - we experiment with our own firm before giving the thumbs up.

With 'putting skin in the game', it keeps us fresh, focused and ahead of the pack when it comes to providing solutions that simply, work. Because, at 5ways, 'walking the talk' isn't just a saying - its why we get out of bed early and stay up late.

Bluecom Commercial Interiors Pty Ltd

View Testimonial

Apart from the excellent service 5ways deliver in regards to our Accounting requirements and all the related business practice due diligence 5ways has become a strategic business partner.
The challenges facing all business’s require constant decision making that need to be responsive and well judged. 5ways is part of this process and all ways deliver the feed back required.
Like our business they are constantly looking to advance and grow their business and from a business partner point of viewthat’s exactly what we require in an Accounting firm.
Anthony Little, Director

Harvest Sales Works Pty Ltd

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It’s a rare thing for an accountant to call a business owner with good news and advise them of things they’re working on to find/save money for the business that are outside of just tax.  I’m happily used to speaking with 5Ways and Ryan Tietjens in particular on a weekly basis in such as manner.  Spoilt almost.  My accountant is across every aspect of my business and is always on the lookout for ways I can streamline and improve the way I approach it.  Far beyond the brief of just doing financial reporting and taxation!!

I am so grateful for the day I met Ryan Tietjens.  Since I started my own business over 10 years ago, I had always hoped for that elusive accountant who was able to be the financial arm of my business to alleviate the day to day burdens associated with managing that aspect, and who also understood an entrepreneur’s spirit.

All that and more I’ve found in Ryan, and when he founded 5Ways, it was easy for me to come across.

What I love about the service is that for a set fee every month, I have the confidence and peace of mind that every single aspect of my business’ financial management is being actively addressed, and I’m never having to worry about the fee for asking Ryan to assist in particular areas.

Ryan has held my hand through some of the most difficult periods in business, assisted me with tax planning, cash flow planning, business overdraft applications, chasing debtors as well as saving and making me additional money through sources I never knew to access.  I know they have my back at all times.

5Ways revolutionized my business by showing me how efficiently I can operate through the cloud (over 3 years ago): that alone has saved me thousands of dollars in IT costs.  They are at the cutting edge with Xero technology and are leaders in the accounting space.

What I also love is that Ryan is an accountant and an entrepreneur: he understands both well.  I am happy to continue to partner with 5Ways well into the future, and willingly recommend other businesses to get on board.

Ingrid Maynard, Director

ITtelligent Pty Ltd

View Testimonial

If you own an Audi you wouldn’t get it serviced by Ford, the same ethos should be applied to your accounting.

If you use Xero then you should be using an accredited Xero accountant. For us at ITtelligent that accountant is 5Ways Group & Ryan Tietjens.

As an owner of 2 businesses it is important that your accountant is accurate, detailed and proactive. 5WaysGroup score 10/10 for all these points. Nothing is too much trouble for them, they reply within minutes and are always more than happy to assist.

The only problem is I wished I had found them earlier!

Robert Adelman, Director

Top Rankings Pty Ltd

View Testimonial

Proactive, Efficient,  Experienced and Highly Reliable.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ryan and the team at 5 Ways Group.

Noam Judah – Director

Architectural Pty Ltd

View Testimonial

I have been using 5Ways for around 2 years now and in this time they have changed my business life.

Through smarter, more efficient ways of doing accounts and integrated systems for making bookkeeping almost a thing of the past, I don’t understand how other accountants can be so far behind with current technology and systems.

The team at 5Ways have found a way to make accounting not feel like accounting… I couldn’t do business without them!

Andrew Lennox – Director

Australian Colon Health

View Testimonial

After over 30 years owning & running various businesses, Ryan & 5ways were highly recommended to me by a mutual client.

5ways who are 100% Xero are definitely the most dynamic and supportive? accounting team I have encountered. Ryan & the team are a pleasure to work with; always willing to help and my business performance figures are available immediately.

He makes accounting a pleasure, what more could you wish for! I love the fact that you have a monthly accounting subscription, which is so easy to budget for.

I highly recommend this amazing team, & wish I had met Ryan sooner.

I have recommended 5ways to many of my colleagues, and will continue to do so.

Sue Twiggs, Director,

// Allies

Meet our cloud wingmen.

We’re proud to present the following trusted partners of 5ways.

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    5ways joins the Victorian Regional Council of the ICAA

    I am proud to announce that I, Paul Meissner, have been elected to the Institute of Chartered Accountants Victorian Regional Council. The VIC Regional Council is the representative Board for the ICAA in Victoria. My role on the council will be to represent small-medium public practitioners. The council represents Victoria’s 14,000 CA’s (23% of the […]


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    Is your bookkeeper a douche?

    David Maher from Right Brain Enterprises shares his personal experiences with bookkeepers below – its certainly food for thought on a Friday Afternoon. Right Brain Enterprises helps creative entrepreneurs successfully manage and grow their businesses.  5ways is proud to partner with them. _____ Ever since man was first inclined to gather possessions there have been those whose […]



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We're ready when you are.

Call our office: 1300 05 WAYS

Postal Address-
PO Box 322, Yarraville, VIC 3013
Melbourne, Australia

Office Location-
Level 35, 477 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Melbourne, Australia


      // Pricing

      Starting - From $299 p/m

    • 1hr Kick-Off Meeting

    • Xero Subscription

    • Year End Accounts

    • Year End Tax Return

    • BAS Review & Lodgement

    • Annual Tax Planning

    • Unlimited Support, Business & Tax Advice

      // Pricing

      Growing - From $399 p/m

    • 1hr Kick-Off Meeting

    • Xero Subscription

    • Year End Accounts

    • Year End Tax Return

    • BAS Review & Lodgement

    • Annual Tax Planning

    • Half Yearly Business Performance & Management Pack

    • Half Yearly Performance Review Online

    • Unlimited Support, Business & Tax Advice

      // Pricing

      Performing - From $499 p/m

      • 1hr Kick-Off Meeting

      • Xero Subscription

      • Year End Accounts

      • Year End Tax Return

      • BAS Review & Lodgement

      • Annual Tax Planning

      • Business Performance Dashboard

      • Quarterly Business Performance & Management Pack

      • Quarterly Performance Review Online

      • Unlimited Support, Business & Tax Advice

      // Pricing

      Kicking Arse - From $999 p/m

      • 1hr Kick-Off Meeting

      • Xero Subscription & Training Course

      • Year End Accounts

      • Year End Tax Return

      • BAS Review & Lodgement

      • Annual Tax Planning

      • Business Performance Dashboard

      • Monthly Business Performance & Management Pack

      • Monthly Performance Review Online

      • Annual Budgets & Cash Flow Forecasts

      • KPI Development

      • Annual Strategic Planning

      • Unlimited Support, Business & Tax Advice